'Animals': Game Art Concepts

Just an idea or two... All of these digital pieces are done in Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop. The animation walk-cycle was rigged and animated in Spriter.

I think Prof. Piglet and his friends should have their own book—or story app—or games!

Artwork: Created in Adobe Illustrator and sliced up and exported as PNG sprite files.
Animation: Spriter 2D Game Animation Software. I built the skelton, rigged it, and created the keyframes from scratch.

Finished Art

Adobe Illustrator Vector Artwork

Concept Art & Sketches

I started vector-drawing this, on top of the pencil drawing, with perfect shapes; but then switched to following the hand-drawn version instead. It has more life and is less stiff.

Above & Below: From Pencil to Vectors

Below: Pencilled proportions on paper, to a rough Photoshop colour concept

Below: Pencil on paper

Above: I did some rough character turnaround sketches and made an animation from them
Below: Rapid character 'turnaround sketches'

Below: Earlier versions

Above: with and without 'outlines' | Below: Original first sketches

Originally, I was wondering if I could create a range of animal characters based on the same proportions and similar shapes. Perhaps a kid elephant could be the same size as a kid mouse?

Perhaps it would be possible to make their skeletons, props and even outfits interchangeable. The pig in the first page below was the one that spoke to me most forcefully. As soon as I drew him, I loved him.

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Illustrations: John White

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