This fellow was designed and then fully animated as an intro to our old animation showreel way, way back...

I've recreated and updated him now—digitally.

I always had a MARVEL comics character named Batroc the Leaper - who may have only ever appeared in a Twinkies comic strip ad with Spidey partially in mind for this one. He had the same big muscular thighs and bum.

"Eet eez I: BATROC ZEE LEEPAIR!" [supposely a French voice] he would announce. It cracked me and my young friends up, especially when he listed off his many annoying habits such as:

"Breaking - 'ow you say? - zee wind in zee lifts!"

The animation of this looked amazing. Cel-painted and painstakingly shaded with Chinagraph pencils and set to the 'Day of Judgement' from Giuseppe Verdi's 'Requiem'. It was the richest-looking animation we ever did and very Classical Disney in feel.

Similar feel to my Cheeky Monkey Illustration »

harlequinn head

harlequinn in venice

Above: 2015 Versions


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