Vault: Builder

sketchbook cartoon illustration of a builder

Case Study

This builder fella was done quickly in fine-line pens and Polychromo coloured pencils in an A4 sketchbook.

I actually worked on building sites during two summer holidays as a student, in London and Co. Kildare, in the 1980s. So this is based on experience. I can’t profess to having climbed to the lofty heights of ‘builder’ but as a labourer, I did climb to the lofty heights of a 5 story Georgian house under renovation in Picadilly and almost fell down its empty lift-shaft to the basement after walking from blazing sunlight into the dark building and not seeing the shaft in front of me. The thing that saved me as my eyes struggled to re-adjust to the darkness was bashing my forehead into a steel girder. It stopped me in my tracks, and then my eyes adjusted to the light. Only then did I see the hole 2 feet away!

Oh, the funny stories that I could tell!

Illustrator: John White
Media: Fine-line pens and Polychromo coloured pencils. A4