preview image of a painitng of cheap guitars


I once painted this for fun. It was a very very long time a go. And it is very silly. It’s a watercolour, based on various cheap junky guitars that I had cluttering my place. At the time—when I was unable to afford a decent guitar, and had far too much time on my hands—I […]

detail of painting for the blues album cover design

Vault: Blues Album

A very old album cover design project (cassette!) for a musical act that I was part of, oh… about a billion years ago. I came up with the ridiculously overblown and tongue-in-cheek title, ‘And God created… SLIDE’ Pat Martin and I used to play lots of music and art festivals around Ireland in addition to […]

preview detail of illustration of mr punch puppet

Vault: Mr. Punch

A pre-digital illustration from the olden days. I’m not sure I’d even heard of Photoshop at the time. I bet you can tell how much I enjoyed this one? Also see my Harlequinn Illustrations » Case Study This began with an idea by TV Graphic Designer Jill Simpson for an animated RTE television ‘Pres’ piece […]

thumbnail of illustration of bluesman robert johnson

Vault: Robert

Another real oldie piece—pre-digital. It’s of one of the most fascinating characters of the old proper blues music: Robert Johnson. Reported to have sold his soul to the Devil at the Crossroads. In return, the Devil made him an ace blues musician. Case Study Is he holding back—or fanning the fires of hell with his […]

preview of sketchbook cartoon illustration of a builder

Vault: Builder

Case Study This builder fella was done quickly in fine-line pens and Polychromo coloured pencils in an A4 sketchbook. I actually worked on building sites during two summer holidays as a student, in London and Co. Kildare, in the 1980s. So this is based on experience. I can’t profess to having climbed to the lofty […]

sketchbook illustration of a drunken golfer

Vault: Drunken Golfer

Case Study This chap was done in fine-line pens and Polychromo coloured pencils in an A4 sketchbook. Just a bit of fun. He reminds me a bit of Alan Alda. Which is kind of a pity, because I love that guy! Illustrator: John White Media: Fine-line pens and Polychromo coloured pencils. A4

preview of illustration of a teddy boy rockabilly for shamrocks album cover

Vault: Rockabilly Album

This fella was done in fine-line pen in an A4 sketchbook. It was the first version of the one which would be used on the Album Artwork for an Irish Rock n’ Roll compilation music album. The Sham Rocks! The Best of Rock n’ Roll in Ireland 1985–1995, from Stompin’ Records. Case Study Gavin Povey—the […]

Vault: Grumpy

Case Study This chap was done in fine-line pens, goauche, watercolour, and Polychromo coloured pencils in an A4 sketchbook. Illustrator: John White Media: Fine-line pens, Guache, Watercolours,Polychromo coloured pencils, China Graph (?), Paper

peview of painted illustration of a rocket

Vault: Rocket

Case Study A real oldie piece. Fun with textured gesso, and paint. Done in gouache, with a touch of Polychromo pencil to sharpen it up, on gesso’ed board. The idea is to create a surface that has texture in it, let it dry, then work onto it. Before I tried actual water-soluble gesso canvas primer […]

preview of painting of a spooky mouth

Vault: Mouth

Case Study Done in gouache and watercolour, with a touch of Polychromo pencil to sharpen it up, on A4 sketchbook. The lips are actually directly mono-printed from my lips—which I’d covered in paint—onto the paper! I’m not sure how this came about, but I think I was just getting into the paintings of Francis Bacon […]

Vault: The Hand…

Case Study Done in gouache and watercolour, with a touch of Polychromo pencil to sharpen it up, on A4 sketchbook. Like the mouth piece, I was experimenting with doing painted illustrations for the Newspapers—usually in Black & White. I had varying degrees of success with those though because their multi-tonal nature. Black pen was always […]

painting of a vivienne west style saint patrick

Vault: St. Patwood

Case Study The Brief: Fashion Designs with a St. Patrick’s Day theme. Done in gouache and watercolour, and fine black pen, on an A4 sketchbook; this was a somewhat unusual part of a set of illustrations that I did for an RTE Television show for St. Patrick’s Day. Somehow inspired by Vivienne Westwood, it’s pretty […]

thumbnail detail illustration of albert einstein

Vault: Einstein

Another real pre-digital oldie. It speaks for itself. An easy subject really—but also recognisible enough for portfolio purposes. Case Study I was selling my work to Newspapers and magazines so this type of celebrity subject was effective in drumming up interest. I had Philip Glass and Robert Wilson’s ‘Einstein on the Beach‘ music-theatre/opera work very […]

Here are heaps of fun scribbles, strokes and splashes—in various styles and media—in this archive. These illustration artworks are even more diverse in terms of art style  and subject matter than in the Personal Non-Commissioned Artwork Page». They’re often more bizzare too.

These  include both client and non-client work, and are often many many years—even decades old. It’s possible that you’ll find works in here that could could suggest a certain alternative direction that you’d like me to take when you commission illustration works from me.