Comic/Animation: Design

Pre-Production Design work, very much suited to animation and comics

The character is Jack, the lead character of my Between * Wars webcomic.

animation comic character design
Above: Final colour art, face design. Drawn and coloured in Photoshop, on the Wacom tablet.
animation and comic character Expression sheet guide
Above: Expression sheet guide, in Photoshop, Wacom tablet.
animation and comic character head proportions
Above: Face/head proportions guide. He roughly fits this format. But face designs shouldn’t be proscribed strictly by standard facial-proportions rules. They dictate their own rules (but consistently).
animation and comic character body proportions
Above: Body proportions (rough) guide.
animation comic character turnaround drawings
Above: Character Turnaround guide. No front 3/4 view—yet.
animation and comic characetr design silhouettes
Above: Silhouettes. Good test of the individuality, recognisibility and strength of your cast members’ designs
comic and animation character clothing designs
Above: Attire guide. Jack’s 3 main outfits.
comic and animation poses drawings
Above: Some poses. The one on the right is quite Shatner-esque
comic and animation character mouth shapes sheet
Above: Jack’s mouth shapes sheet

Rough ‘Process Images’

Just to give you an idea of my working—and thought processes:

animation of a character speaking
Above: “Hey, you?” Rough mouth-shape/speech-test of Jack. Drawn and animated in Adobe Animate/Flash
animation character design
Above: In Photoshop. I adjusted the side view face afterwards.
animation character design full length
Above: Pencilled proportions on paper (centre), to clean Photoshop black line-art (left).

Illustrations and character designs: John White
Media/Tools: Paper, pencil, Photoshop, Wacom graphics tablet