anatomical style painting vesalius

This was a mixed-media experiment, from many years back.

It was strongly inspired by an old Renaissance print from an anatomy book by Andreas Vesalius. It was also somewhat inspired by Marcel Duchamp’s ‘Nude Decending a Staircase, No.2‘, even though the style and intent is utterly different. The influence really can’t be seen at all. I was just thinking about these things as i did it.

The images in Vesalius’ book are bizarre. Partially flayed human figures, prance about thespianlike—and as if still alive—in classical landscapes with poetic ruined buildings in the background.

anatomical style painting vesalius
Above: Paint and watercolour pastels on tissue and PVA with a board base

anatomical style painting vesalius

vesalius illustration
Above: From Vesalius’ influential anatomy book

Illustrator: John White
Media: Paint and watercolour pastels on a hard tissue and PVA surface, on a board base