Story App: 3 Little Pigs

Three Little Pigs story app art by john white irish artist and illustrator
From the Second Little Pig’s House of Straw Chapter (detail image)

leafy leaves illustration

An interactive Story App, with the great people of Marino Software and narrated by Roscoe Orman! The best fun project. Of all time. Ever.

little pig illustration waving his arms

Final Artwork/Illustrations

3 little pigs admiring their building work illustration
Above: The 3 little pigs admire the newly built house of wood (while using much better building materials to sit on!)
big bad wolf blows wooden house down illustration
Above: The big bad wolf blows their crappy wooden house down
big bad wolf slides down the chimney illustration
Above: The big bad wolf slides down the pigs’ chimney, and things start to heat up!
big bad wolf flies over the moon illustration
Above: Hey diddle-diddle, the wolf flew over the moon!
the little pig's house of wood
Above: The 2nd little pig’s crummy house of wood, and a now devastated forest!
big bad wolf is shot out of the chimney illustration
Above: The big bad wolf is shot out of the pigs’ chimney (and not cooked)
three little pigs cheer at the big bad wolf's death illustration
Above: The big bad wolf crashes to earth with an enormous BOOM—and so apparently does the rest of the book!

See the Storyboard

Once I’d first storyboarded the entire App» and it was approved by the creative and technical directors, I commenced the finished artwork with relish! I storyboarded as I brainstormed ideas with Marino’s Creative Director, Naoise Guerin. Most of what went into it, went into the app. See the whole storyboard here»

three little pigs storyboard panel

Props, Environment, etc.

rock crag illustration bird illustration scythe illustration big bad wolf in flight illustration axe illustration jackhammer illustration pot illustration puff of smoke illustration pig's house of wood illustration scared piggies illustration toast illustration pig's house of stone illustration 3 little pigs blowing raspberries illustration 3 little pigs happy illustration letter y illustration
woodchip illustration woodchip illustration

Case Study

In Summer 2011 Marino Software called to ask if I was interested in Illustrating a version of this classic story for an iPad interactive story App. What followed was a side-splitting collaboration.

tree stump illustration

Our exciting brainstorming sessions led to a pencil drawn storyboard» which reinterpreted the story, adding all manner of lunatic gags, funny animations & typographic madness. The resulting ‘book’ now verges on being an animated movie. Could the project get any better?

scythe illustration

Yes it could: Roscoe Orman (that’s Gordon from Sesame Street, kids!) enjoyed the storyboard so much that he enlisted as Narrator!

hay straw stalk illustration

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