detail of book illustration for teachers

8 B&W Illustrations in ink and watercolour for ‘The Class Tutor: The why, the what, the how’—written by Luke Monahan.

book illustration for teachers evil old-style teacher with morar board and cane
Above: The old style of teaching
book illustration for teachers harrassed by pupils
Above: Dealing with ‘difficult’ students
book illustration for teachers cast adrift
Above: ‘Supporting the Tutor’. Many teachers feel cast adrift at the start of the new school year.
book illustration for teachers pupils judging teachers
Above: ‘What are students saying?’ The tables are turned
book illustration for teachers sex education
Above: ‘Teaching a programme’. One of the challenges is how to approach Sex Education
book illustration for teachers expectations preconceptions
Above: ‘Parents as Partners’. Each side can have preconceived ideas about the other and be apprehensive about talking
book illustration for teachers time to talk
Above: ‘So you want to talk.’ Being available for parents.
book illustration for teachers juggling responsibilities
Above: Tutors, what do they do?
book illustration for teachers industrial education style
Above: Different styles of schooling. This reminds me of Sir Ken Robinson speaking about how most education systems are based on Industrial revolution notions of how factories work—and how ineffective they are in their one-size-fits-all approach

Case Study

book: the class tutor. The why, the what the how.An enjoyable book to illustrate, which was heavily loaded with theory, data, statistics and diagrams. It was very much in the same style as most of my newspaper illustrations, having a realistic though often humorous approach. The artwork was rendered on paper, in pencil, ink, black watercolour and occasionally a bit of studio marker. For budgetary reasons, all illustrations were in black and white only.

The author, Luke Monahan, inscribed my copy with:

“John, your contribution greatly enhanced this publication.”

Illustration: John White
Media: Gouache and Ink on paper
Client: The Irish Times Newspaper
Writer: John Maher