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Newspaper & Magazine Illustration

Working as an editorial illustrator for some of the top print publications in Ireland has been hugely enjoyable! Clients include: The Sunday Independent, The Irish Independent and The Irish Times newspapers; and Hot Press and U magazines.

The variety and fast turnaround of the newspaper and magazine illustration work—and seeing one’s art within just a few hours on the shelves—is one of the most exciting and satisfying aspects of it. Another plus, is that one gets to collaborate with some really excellent writers and editors. And, on top of all of that… the audience is national and even international.
I’ve illustrated articles by journalists and columnists such as the late Veronica Guerin and Conor Cruise O’Brien; Eamon Dunphy, Justine McCarthy, Stephen Collins, Liam Collins, John Drennan, Barry Egan, Eilis O’Hanlon, Jody Corcoran and many many more.
Most of the work for newspapers has been either single large illustrations of unsavoury, tragic stories, or comic strip/sequential art re-tellings of unsavoury, tragic stories. But they’ve been interspersed with light or humourous artworks for columns and features too, which is always enjoyable.
Those illustrations of a darker nature have concerned drugs, gangland crime, murder and terrorist attacks. I’ve even worked on-site in the Irish High Court, at a high-profile murder trial, as a courtroom artist, depicting the proceedings for The Irish Times‘ readers.
The lighter-toned, artworks are much in the vein of magazine and newspaper lifestyle supplement pieces.

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