Personal Non-Commissioned Work

donal trump on his border wall illustration humpty dumpty

News: Trumpty

Concept design illustration for an animation based on Donald Trump, Humpty Dumpty and his ludicrous border wall idea. (Confession: This is the only project which I’ve sneaked into the—Editorial/Newspaper sections—even though it’s an unpublished personal piece. It’s just that it’s very much suited to newspaper and magazine use. Case Study Working on a short animation […]

Character Designs

Sketched in biro on a notepad, and rapidly worked up in Photoshop. Big things (can) have small beginnings. This is terrific fun to do! illustration: John White Media: Biro, Crappy Paper, Photoshop

preview of concept art of a giant stone robot


This is a sort of Games Concept design. A giant stone robot, powered by lava. Originally, the head was facing the other way, but it just wasn’t dynamic enough. After I’d done a lot of the colouring and tonal work in Photoshop, I simply flipped it for added contraposto and visual interest! (Case study at […]

preview of cartoony monkey illustration

Cheeky Monkey

All done in Photoshop. He’s a very cheeky monkey Case Study This fellow is the star of a children’s book which I’ve been writing—on and off. But he’d also be suitable for animation and games. I brought a pencil drawing into Photoshop and worked over the top of it. For this one, I consciously avoided […]

preview of painted illustration judge dredd

Judge Dredd

An experimental piece: Fast, rough and raw. Black Ink & gouache on paper, coloured in Photoshop (Case study at bottom of page) Case Study Me and Comics Ever since I was a kid in the 70s, I loved 2000ad. Just a fantastic publication which I still put down mostly to the vision and bloody-mindedness of […]

1970s seventies men illustration in colour

1970s Men

This was a bit of fun. I love the Seventies. I come from that planet. I even made an award nominated comic about it. So, after doing a very rapid and loose sketch of some 1970s blokes, as part of my comic creation research, I decided to try colouring it in on the computer for […]


A digitally coloured pencil drawing on paper, of a weird chimera. It was inspired by a walk in Knocksink woods, near Enniskerry, County Wicklow—one of my favourite places in the world. Those woods are undeniably verdant and beautiful, and occasionally—if you’re lucky—you might see deer. But sometimes, they can be quite creepy and spooky too! […]


This fellow was designed and then fully animated as an intro to our old animation showreel way, way back… Similar feel to my Cheeky Monkey Illustration » Head-Only Version 2nd Full-figure Version Other Colour Variants—abandoned Old 1994 Version Background Info I first worked on this character in 1994, but I lately recreated and updated him—on […]


People say this always makes them smile. I get more comments about it than any others. Case Study Draw what you know eh? Would you believe that I used a mirror to get that facial expression? You would? I was only around 23 at the time. I lived in the countryside from 1977 to 1985—and […]

These are illustration artworks, that I’ve done for fun, experiment and RnD.

They’re personal portfolio pieces. You’ll find lots of variety in here, as I create whatever takes my fancy, whatever way I like, in different media and with different tools, whether it’s pencils, pens, brushes, or the Computer.

In-between paying projects, we creatives like to keep on creating. It’s an opportunity to do all of the other things that we really love, and an opportunity to let loose and take risks. Experimentation isn’t always possible, or necessarily wise on client projects!

You may find things in here which suggest an alternative direction which you’d like me to to take when commissioning me.

If you want to see even more variety and oddities, some of which go way back over the years and include sketchbook pieces, here’s the Archived Vault»