Personal Illustration Work

Self-initiated Art for fun, experiment & RnD

These are illustration artworks, that I’ve done for fun, experiment and RnD.

They’re personal portfolio pieces. You’ll find lots of variety in here, as I create whatever takes my fancy, whatever way I like, in different media and with different tools, whether it’s pencils, pens, brushes, or the Computer.
In-between paying projects, we creatives like to keep on creating. It’s an opportunity to do all of the other things that we really love, and an opportunity to let loose and take risks. Experimentation isn’t always possible, or necessarily wise on client projects!
You may find things in here which suggest an alternative direction which you’d like me to to take when commissioning me.
If you want to see even more variety and oddities, some of which go way back over the years and include sketchbook pieces, here’s the Archived Vault»