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detail of news illustration for conor cruise o'brien
Three Little Pigs story app art by john white irish artist and illustrator
a chimeara: part owl, octopus and ivy by irish illustrator john white
preview of between wars comic page illustration
portrait life study in oils by irish artist john white
archive illustration by irish artist and illustrator john white
editorial newspaper editorial illustation of a psychopath socialised sociopath errol flynn
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News: Girl Gangs

An illustration for a Sunday Independent article ‘Rampage of the Reservoir Bitches’ ‘Bonded in a twisted form of feminism, a new breed of gangs prowl the streets of America, bringing terror in their wake.’—an article by Orla Healy Illustration: John White Media: Ink and pencil on paper Colourisation: Photoshop Client: The Sunday Independent Newspaper Writer: […]

preview illustration of oasis: noel and liam gallagher

News: Oasis

Oasis illustration for an article in the Sunday Independent newspaper. This one was truncated to avoid potential controversy I was very proud of this one but it was only partially shown in the paper. It was felt that because a significant segment of the readership were Catholic—or Christian at least, it might be inflammatory to […]

donal trump on his border wall illustration humpty dumpty

News: Trumpty

Concept design for an animation based on Donald Trump, Humpty Dumpty and his ludicrous border wall idea. It’s also very much suited to editorial use Case Study Working on a short animation storyboard project based on a nursery rhyme—this popped into my head. Unfortunately. Now I can’t get it out and must exorcise it. All […]

detail of news illustration for conor cruise o'brien

News: Elitism

Black & White illustration for The Sunday Independent—now colourised ‘A Lesson in Elitism.’ An article by Conor Cruise O’Brien asking what education is actually for: “(…) the thought that the qualities that are conducive  to success in exams may lead to failure in ‘real life’ has an element of consolation in it.” “There, amid clapping […]

story app art of the big bad wolf formt eh three little pigs

Story App: 3 Little Pigs

An interactive Story App, with the great people of Marino Software and narrated by Roscoe Orman! The best fun project. Of all time. Ever. Final Artwork/Illustrations sd fsadf sdfsadf assd dsaasd sadfasf asdasD See the Storyboard Once I’d first storyboarded the entire App» and it was approved by the creative and technical directors, I commenced […]

socialised psychopath editorial newspaper illustration

News: Psychopath

Illustration for an article by Robert Matthews for The Sunday Independent Newspaper, ‘Are you married to a psychopath?’ ‘They are the cold-hearted predators of society, doing as they like, impervious to other people’s feelings, undiagnosed, incurable—and in your life.’—writer, Robert Matthews Newspaper Illustration: Case Study The actor Errol Flynn exhibited of the classic characteristics of […]

News: Urban & Rural

Illustration for an article by George Byrne, for the Irish Independent Newspaper: ‘When Culchie meets Culture.’ Now colourised!   Newspaper Illustration: Background/Case Study This was originally a black and white illustration for Ireland’s Sunday Independent Newspaper. I think this was another of those sort of rural/urban cultural divide articles. I seemed to do a few […]

Comic: Between * Wars

Nominated for Best Webcomic 2015, the Irish 1970s series! This is a webcomic/webstrip which, I suppose, is really a natural progression from my previous 2 projects – StarWarsAge9.com and AlienAge11.com With those, I published comics that I’d already made when I was a kid in the late 70s to early 80s. Set in the late […]


A digitally coloured pencil drawing on paper, of a weird chimera. It was inspired by a walk in Knocksink woods… Progress Images The following images go from pencil on paper, into Photoshop, then coloured and tweaked. And re-tweaked! Case Study I wanted to experiment with pencil drawing and Photoshop. So: no inks and no graphics […]


Irish Comic News Awards

I was very very very extremely honoured to be nominated for Best Irish Webcomic in 2015, for Between * Wars, my nostalgic semi-autobiographical comic set in 1970s Ireland. Comics are my passion!

irish comic news nomination banner

ICAD Awards

I animated the ICAD Award nominated TV opening title for RTE’s ‘Bon Voyage’ show. The designer was Jill Simpson.

Galway Film Fleadh

I was given an official commendation at Galway Film Festival for my graduation animated film.

As Seen on RTE TV’s ‘TwoTube’ show (2 min)