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mirrored detail of surreal full colour irish illustration
illustration of a female art student
detail of Spring Heeled Jack colour illustration
detail of vintage guitar illustration
detail of editorial newspaper style illustration of vladimir putin tsar
a chimeara: part owl, octopus and ivy by irish illustrator john white
detail of illustration of Ginny Jenny Greenteeth pond hag witch in West Derby Liverpool by John White
detail of cucina italiana italian food cooking full colour illustration
mirrored detail of surreal full colour irish illustration
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A former member of Illustrators Ireland and The Association of Illustrators


Irish Comic News Awards

John was extremely honoured to be nominated for Best Irish Webcomic in 2015. His Between * Wars, a nostalgic semi-autobiographical comic is set in 1970s Ireland. Comics are one of his passions!

irish comic news nomination banner

ICAD Awards

He animated the ICAD Award nominated TV opening title for RTE’s ‘Bon Voyage’ show. The designer was Jill Simpson.

Galway Film Fleadh

He received an official commendation at Galway Film Festival for his graduation animated film.

As Seen on RTE TV’s ‘TwoTube’ show (2 min)