Sequential Art

This Sequential Art section includes work in Comics and Storyboards.


I’ve loved comics  since I was 3 or 4 years old, and starting making my own from the age of about 7 or 8. It’s still something that I’d ultimately like to do full-time as a self-publishing creator. My nostalgic 1970s style webcomic Go to the Between Wars webcomic was nominated for Best Webcomic of 2015 by Irish Comic News (ICN).

For fun, and inspiration, I’ve also turned some of my childhood comics into webcomics, including adpaptions of Star Wars, ALIEN and The Empire Strikes Back. Two of these feature new grown-up pages too. Mark Hamill (that’s Luke Skywalker!) said of Star Wars age 9, “I love it!” Cinemania, Spain’s foremost cinema print magazine did an interview and full-page feature on it too. Of the ALIEN one, Tom Hall of said, “You must read this Graphic Novel written in 1979.” and “It’s super-underground – it’s all kinds of incredible – magic was made.” This comics background of mine led into the following two sequential art areas:

Newspaper Sequential Art

As a newspaper illustrator, I’ve often created multi-panel re-tellings of news stories; a sort of cross between a wordless comic and mini storyboard. These are often tragic and/or gruesome stories, surrounding riots, drugs crime, murder, bombing, but also scandals.


I’ve also created storyboards proper for animation—including cinema and TV commercials, TV station animated opening titles and stings (most of which I animated myself), and an interactive story app.

My long-term goal is to honour my childhood passions and ambitions and independently publish my own comics full-time. I love making illustration which tells—or supports good, compelling stories.