Storyboard: 3 Pigs

A Story App storyboard. I made the following storyboard for the «3 Little Pigs App which I artworked/illustrated and co-brainstormed for Marino Software. Much of this changed in the final artwork, especially the concept of the rotating stage which would have stretched the project’s budget and complexity considerably.

We also backed out of one gag, as we’d no wish to encourage vandalism of our historical-cultural heritage, in the young and impressionable! So in the final artwork, we used a Sphinx instead. So er, that’s alright then :-p

Three Little Pigs story app art by john white irish artist and illustrator

storyboard story app three little pigs

Illustration and script contributions: John White
Media: Pencil, Paper, (bit of) Photoshop
Client: Marino Software