1970s Men

detail of 1970s seventies men illustration

This was a bit of fun. I love the Seventies. I come from that planet. I even made an award nominated comic about it. So, after doing a very rapid and loose sketch of some 1970s blokes, as part of my comic creation research, I decided to try colouring it in on the computer for fun.

I suppose they’re borderline stylistically. They’re somewhere between late 60s and early 70s. The mid to late seventies was all a bit woody, brown and woodturned; whereas the more fun early 70s still had some of the daring 60s styling hanging over in all of it’s weirdly shaped plasticky quirkyness. It was much more daring and bonkers—and semi migraine-inducing.

I think what I like is that mix. Lots of the later browns, oranges and sunset yellows and avocado; with earlier less natural forms.

1970s seventies men illustration in colour
Above: In glorious full-nicotine-and-brandy-stained colour!
1970s seventies men illustration pencil sketch
Above: The original rapid pencil sketch, on paper

Illustrations: John White
Media: Pencil, Paper, Photoshop