N.I. Politics

detail of northern ireland parliament news illustration unionists republicans

Newspaper illustration for The Irish Independent newspaper, about Northern Irish politics.

A big surprise in the bear pit‘—article by Trish McCaffrey

northern ireland parliament news illustration unionists republicans

I enjoyed this one very much. Lots of characters, drama, tension and a dynamic composition with lots of depth. One side of my family are actually Northern Irish Catholic, and our trips there from Scotland and then the Republic of Ireland in the 1970s made a big impression on me. The politics of it all was lost on me, but I loved seeing all of the soldiers and military hardware.

Here’s an image that I drew when I was about 13 or 14, in 1981, I was definitely worried about that soon-to-be-dead soldier and not glorifying terrorism in any way.

Above: drawing I did as a 13 or 14 year old kid about Northern Ireland. It’s pretty extreme stuff.

Illustration: John White
Media: Ink on paper
Client: The Irish Independent Newspaper
Writer: Dr. Miriam Moore

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