Editorial Illustration: Newspapers Magazines Books

preview of a stalker newspaper article colour illustration

News: Stalker

An illustration for an unnerving and true Sunday Independent Newspaper story about a family stalker, written by Ruth Dudley Edwards. Now in colour. Haunted, hounded by a family ghost: “I retain a vivid image of looking out my study window one night to check the weather, and suddenly seeing (him) gazing at me from underneath […]

detail of news illustration for conor cruise o'brien

News: Elitism

A black & white illustration about education in Ireland, for The Sunday Independent newspaper—now colourised ‘A Lesson in Elitism.’ An article by Conor Cruise O’Brien asking what education is actually for: “(…) the thought that the qualities that are conducive  to success in exams may lead to failure in ‘real life’ has an element of […]

donal trump on his border wall illustration humpty dumpty

News: Trumpty

Concept design illustration for an animation based on Donald Trump, Humpty Dumpty and his ludicrous border wall idea. (Confession: This is the only project which I’ve sneaked into the—Editorial/Newspaper sections—even though it’s an unpublished personal piece. It’s just that it’s very much suited to newspaper and magazine use. Case Study Working on a short animation […]

socialised psychopath editorial newspaper illustration

News: Psychopath

A weird Illustration for an article by Robert Matthews for The Sunday Independent Newspaper, ‘Are you married to a psychopath?’ ‘They are the cold-hearted predators of society, doing as they like, impervious to other people’s feelings, undiagnosed, incurable—and in your life.’—writer, Robert Matthews Newspaper Illustration: Case Study The actor Errol Flynn exhibited of the classic […]

detail of news illustration for article about american girl street gangs

News: Girl Gangs

An illustration for a Sunday Independent article ‘Rampage of the Reservoir Bitches’ ‘Bonded in a twisted form of feminism, a new breed of gangs prowl the streets of America, bringing terror in their wake.’—an article by Orla Healy See more colourised illustrations » Illustrator: John White Media: Ink and pencil on paper Colourisation: Photoshop Client: […]

book cover design and illustration for riding out the hurricane novel

Book: ‘Hurricane’

‘Riding out the Hurricane.’ My cover design and illustrations for the 2011 Silver Nautilus Award-winning novel by Maeve McMahon. With a cover endorsement by Bishop Desmond Tutu. Case Study Background to the story It’s an excellent story about the disaster in Louisiana, and its terrible aftermath. The writer, Maeve, actually lived through the disaster herself […]

detail of colour newspaper illustration about addiction

News: Addicted

An illustration for the Irish Independent newspaper on Addiction—now updated in vivid, blinding colour ‘Addicted to Everything’—a Features article by Martina Devlin. If I made this today, it’d probably include Social Media and Smartphones. “These days we want to feel good—without putting in any effort. That’s why unusual addictions are becoming rife. (…) living according […]

News: Urban & Rural

Illustration for an article by George Byrne, for the Irish Independent Newspaper: ‘When Culchie meets Culture.’ Now colourised!   Newspaper Illustration: Background/Case Study This was originally a black and white illustration for Ireland’s Sunday Independent Newspaper. I think this was another of those sort of rural/urban cultural divide articles. I seemed to do a few […]

news illustration detail for lost village book john mckenna by

Book: Lost Village

Newspaper illustration for the Irish Independent, based on a passage from John MacKenna’s book, ‘The Lost Village: Portrait of an Irish Village in 1925′ The newly colourised version is shown here. Case Study I’d like to have rendered this in ink and paint, but I was playing it safe back then with the low print […]

preview illustration of oasis: noel and liam gallagher

News: Oasis

Oasis illustration for an article in the Sunday Independent newspaper. This one was truncated to avoid potential controversy Censored I was very proud of this one but it was only partially shown in the paper. It was felt that because a significant segment of the readership were Catholic—or Christian at least, it might be inflammatory […]

news illustration thumbnail about irish un peacekeeping soldiers

News: War

This War illustration was one of my first ever for a newspaper—The Sunday Independent, and it also got me noticed at one of their rivals, the now long-gone Irish Press. ‘Irish soldiers haunted by the enemy within‘—article, by Dr. Miriam Moore Background Info The Horrors of War In the room where we had religion class […]

detail of newspaper illustration of bill and hillary clinton holding a seance

News: Clintons

This illustration about Hillary Clinton’s alleged interest in the occult was great fun to do for the Sunday Independent newspaper. In hindsight, I do wonder if the image in the top-left was a bit too much though! Culture Vultures section: ‘Dead Serious about all this lively conversation’—article by Dion Fanning. She’s still not as crazy […]

News: Drugs

A selection of Drugs-related Illustrations for the Sunday and Daily Independent Newspapers Illustrations: John White Media: Ink, watercolour, pencil, Photoshop Colourisation: Photoshop Client: Sunday & Daily Independent Newspapers Writers: Barry Egan, Brendan O’Connor, John Drennan, Aileen Hickie, Moore McDowell (and 2 unknown)

preview of magazine illustration of genetically engineered tomato food

Mag: GM Food

Illustration for Checkout Magazine about genetically modified/GM Food. I’ve always called this illustration ‘Tomatostein’ ‘The Generation Gap’—article by Gerry Byrne. I wanted this image to have a whiff of creepiness, and mad-science about it. I suppose I had to get myself into slightly mad mood as I made it! (See more food scare illustrations here») […]

detail of newspaper illustration of father ted

News: Father Ted

A fun illustration about Irish comedy series Father Ted, for the Sunday Independent newspaper. I don’t have a record of the writer of, or title for the article. More Background… This wasn’t the only Father Ted-related illustration that I did for the Sunday Independent newspaper, it was the second. By the time I did this […]

TnaG newspaper illustration

News: TnaG

T na G Anseo aghaibh. Illustration for an article by Ken Murray, for The Sunday Independent Case Study I loved painting this one and particularly like the shape of the spiralling stack of televisions, receding into the distance. I’ll bet that I had a Jack and the Beanstalk picture book—unconsciously—in my mind as I did […]

preview of newspaper food scares illustration

News: Food Scares

I’ve done several illustrations around various types of food scares, including genetically modified food, E numbers, BSE, etc etc. Most were for the Daily and Sunday Irish Independent newspapers, but I’ve included a Checkout Magazine one here too. Illustrations: John White Media: Ink, watercolour, pencil, collage, Photoshop Client: Sunday & Daily Independent Newspapers, Checkout Magazine

editorial newspaper illustration article about dawkins and evolution

News: Mankind United?

Illustration for The Irish Independent newspaper, inspired by Dawkins’ book ‘The Selfish Gene.’ Case Study This was a most enjoyable piece to do. My wife actually got it framed and hung it on our house! One of the funny things about this was that I placed a wild beast at the bottom of the composition. […]

irish jesuit province cataloge book cover design and illustration

Book: Catalogus

A complete Book Cover Design, Typography and Illustration project Book Design & Illustration: Case Study A very enjoyable and creative commission this. I created every singe element. The budget allowed for a Black & White illustration, which I created in pencil, on paper. Within InDesign I added a lot of colour – with a coloured […]

detail of book illustration for teachers

Book: Teaching

8 B&W Illustrations in ink and watercolour for ‘The Class Tutor: The why, the what, the how’—written by Luke Monahan. Case Study An enjoyable book to illustrate, which was heavily loaded with theory, data, statistics and diagrams. It was very much in the same style as most of my newspaper illustrations, having a realistic though […]

detail of northern ireland parliament news illustration unionists republicans

News: N.I. Politics

Newspaper illustration for The Irish Independent newspaper, about Northern Irish politics. ‘A big surprise in the bear pit‘—article by Trish McCaffrey I enjoyed this one very much. Lots of characters, drama, tension and a dynamic composition with lots of depth. One side of my family are actually Northern Irish Catholic, and our trips there from […]

illustration and design for voices of the acorn poetry book

Book: Voices

‘Voices of the Acorn’ Book Design & Illustration. Poems by pupils of St.Patrick’s Post Primary School. Edited by Ann Egan Case Study This was a nice one. Because it was many years ago—before I could even use a computer!—I needed assistance in digitally putting it together, and preparing it for print, but the illustrations and […]

Comic: Between * Wars

Nominated for Best Webcomic 2015, the Irish 1970s series! This is a webcomic/webstrip which, I suppose, is really a natural progression from my previous 2 projects – StarWarsAge9.com and AlienAge11.com With those, I published comics that I’d already made when I was a kid in the late 70s to early 80s. Set in the late […]

star wars comic illustration detail

Comic: Star Wars

An adaptation begun in 1977, now with new grown-up pages, it’s become a popular webcomic and blog. “I love it!”—Mark Hamill Around Christmas 1977 I began drawing my own adaptation of the film. The early results were peculiar, but it was fun and some consolation for only seeing it once. Some bits of the film […]

alien comic page detail illustration

Comic: ALIEN

An adaptation begun in 1979! That year gave the world two graphic novel adaptations of the smash hit: ALIEN. One was excellent! This… was the other one. Decades later, it’s become a webcomic/blog. “You Must Read This ‘Alien’ Graphic Novel Written in 1979” and “…a super underground graphic novel for the film. The result is […]

thumbnail of news illustration for liam collins article

News/Strip: Sea Tragedy

4 panel re-telling of a tragedy at sea, for a Liam Collins article in The Sunday Independent Newspaper ‘The outing that ended in death’ Illustration: John White Media: Ink Client: Sunday Independent Newspaper Writer: Liam Collins

thumbnail of news illustration cie scandal

News/Strip: Kerrigan, Scandal

4 panel re-telling of a a scandal, for a Gene Kerrigan article in The Sunday Independent Newspaper The cast: Kevin Lowry, Owen O’Callaghen, Jim Gahon, Ambrose Kelly, Dermot O’Leary, Seamus Brennan, Brian Cowen, John O’Donoghe and Willie O’Dea. Illustration: John White Media: Ink Client: Sunday Independent Newspaper Writer: Gene Kerrigan

thumbnail of news illustration drugs for veronica guerin article

News/Strip: Guerin, Drugs

4 panel re-telling of a a scandal, for a Veronica Guerin article in The Sunday Independent Newspaper ‘Garda PR tactics, obscure drugs seizure truth.’ The cast includes Liz O’Donnell, TD. Illustration: John White Media: Ink Client: Sunday Independent Newspaper Writer: Veronica Guerin

News/Strip: Football Riot

This was my first foray into illustrating news events in multi-panel form, for the Sunday Independent newspaper ‘Game that became tribal war’—an article by Liam Collins. In addition to the ‘comic strip’ I also did a stand-alone cartoon of one of the rioters. Illustration: John White Media: Ink on paper Client: The Sunday Independent Newspaper […]

thumbnail illustration hitmen newspaper article

News/Strip: Hitmen

4 panel illustration for an article about hitmen for the Irish Times newspaper ‘How hitmen are evading the long arm of the law’—article by John Maher Illustration: John White Media: Gouache and Ink on paper Client: The Irish Times Newspaper Writer: John Maher

thumbnail illustration news storyboard strip about a gruesome murder

News/Strip: Terror

A gruesome 4 panel re-telling of a despicable murder, for The Sunday Independent Newspaper ‘Final Chapter in a bloody tale of terror’— article by Liam Collins.   Illustration: John White Media: Ink and Pencil Client: Sunday Independent Newspapery Writer: Liam Collins

Working as an editorial illustrator for some of the top print publications in Ireland has been hugely enjoyable! Clients include: The Sunday Independent, The Irish Independent and The Irish Times newspapers; and Hot Press and U magazines; and let’s not forget, some occasional book illustration and design.

Comic & Book Illustration

My first love, creatively, is comics, and I created a nostalgic online comic, Between * Wars about childhood in 1970s Ireland. It was nominated for Best Irish Webcomic 2005 by Irish Comic News (ICN). I also designed and illustrated the cover for Maeve McMahon’s Silver Nautilus Award Winning novel Riding Out the Hurricane.

Newspaper & Magazine Illustration

The variety and fast turnaround of the newspaper and magazine illustration work—and seeing one’s art within just a few hours on the shelves—is one of the most exciting and satisfying aspects of it. Another plus, is that one gets to collaborate with some really excellent writers and editors. And, on top of all of that… the audience is national and even international.

I’ve illustrated articles by journalists and columnists such as the late Veronica Guerin and Conor Cruise O’Brien; Eamon Dunphy, Justine McCarthy, Stephen Collins, Liam Collins, John Drennan, Barry Egan, Eilis O’Hanlon, Jody Corcoran and many many more.

Most of the work for newspapers has been either single large illustrations of unsavoury, tragic stories, or comic strip/sequential art re-tellings of unsavoury, tragic stories. But they’ve been interspersed with light or humourous artworks for columns and features too, which is always enjoyable.

Those illustrations of a darker nature have concerned drugs, gangland crime, murder and terrorist attacks. I’ve even worked on-site in the Irish High Court, at a high-profile murder trial, as a courtroom artist, depicting the proceedings for The Irish Times‘ readers.

The lighter-toned, artworks are much in the vein of magazine and newspaper lifestyle supplement pieces.