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Little Animations

I began my career, in studios and then my own animation business. But these are some little animated gifs from various web and app projects. About my Animation Work But here are few little pieces that I did in various digital companies for websites and apps. I love doing these, and hope to do more […]

Character Designs

Sketched in biro on a notepad, and rapidly worked up in Photoshop. Big things (can) have small beginnings. This is terrific fun to do! illustration: John White Media: Biro, Crappy Paper, Photoshop

preview of concept art of a giant stone robot


This is a sort of Games Concept design. A giant stone robot, powered by lava. Originally, the head was facing the other way, but it just wasn’t dynamic enough. After I’d done a lot of the colouring and tonal work in Photoshop, I simply flipped it for added contraposto and visual interest! (Case study at […]

preview of cartoony monkey illustration

Cheeky Monkey

All done in Photoshop. He’s a very cheeky monkey Case Study This fellow is the star of a children’s book which I’ve been writing—on and off. But he’d also be suitable for animation and games. I brought a pencil drawing into Photoshop and worked over the top of it. For this one, I consciously avoided […]

thumbnail of animation storyboard

Storyboard: ‘Doc’

Animation storyboard test based on 2 pages of script from the Disney Jr. show, Doc McStuffins Boards: 2 Pages of Script Same 2 Pages of Script: Rapid Thumbnail Images Artwork: John White Script: Brown Bag Films/Disney Media: Pencil, Paper, Photoshop, Indesign, Acrobat

kids' image matching game app art

Game: Match

‘Match a Thing’ Game App. A Marino Software project. With fun illustrations for very young children.   Case Study ‘Match-a-Thing’ is a beautifully designed fun and very simple puzzle game for young children to play and learn with for iPhone and iPod Touch. Things, such as a rocket or dinosaur are split up into three […]

animal game app design art

Game: Prof. Piglet

Game Art Concepts. Just an idea or two. All of these digital pieces are done in Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop. The animation walk-cycle was rigged and animated in Spriter. I’d love for Prof. Piglet and his friends to have their own book—or story app—or games! Finished Art Concept Art & Sketches I started vector-drawing this, […]

irelandtown facebook game app art illustration

Game: IrelandTown

IrelandTown Facebook Game App for ‘Discover Ireland’ Nearly 19k Likes! «Scrollable Panorama» Scroll/swipe left and right to see the whole town! Merit Badges Tokens Case Study Play the Game on Facebook BetaPond were engaged by Discover Ireland to create a Facebook App to promote Ireland and its big tourist attractions. The Deadline was very tight. […]

production design art for animation and comics

Animation: Design

Pre-Production Design work, very much suited to animation and comics The character is Jack, the lead character of my Between * Wars webcomic. Rough ‘Process Images’ Just to give you an idea of my working—and thought processes: Illustrations and character designs: John White Media/Tools: Paper, pencil, Photoshop, Wacom graphics tablet

story app art of the big bad wolf formt eh three little pigs

Story App: 3 Little Pigs

An interactive Story App, with the great people of Marino Software and narrated by Roscoe Orman! The best fun project. Of all time. Ever. Final Artwork/Illustrations See the Storyboard Once I’d first storyboarded the entire App» and it was approved by the creative and technical directors, I commenced the finished artwork with relish! I storyboarded […]

Game: Soundboard

An educational musical-soundboard game App, by Marino Software Arrrrrr! Crazy Orchestra takes the traditional soundboard app and makes it into an exciting scene-based, sound-filled adventure! Play crazy sounds and discover wacky actions by the crew and other special guests, play twinkle twinkle little star to the sounds of pirates shouting it out, or challenge your […]

storyboard thumbnail 3 little pigs

Storyboard: 3 Pigs

A Story App storyboard. I made the following storyboard for the «3 Little Pigs App which I artworked/illustrated and co-brainstormed for Marino Software. Much of this changed in the final artwork, especially the concept of the rotating stage which would have stretched the project’s budget and complexity considerably. We also backed out of one gag, […]

storyboard thumbnail henry animation

Storyboard: Henry

A small excerpt from the storyboard of my graduation animated film—which which voiced by the already legendary Irish actor and comedian Eamonn Morrissey! Eamon, was gracious and talented enough to perform every character—with gusto, a couple of days before Christmas, free of charge! “Happy Christmas” he quipped. It was good so of him to give […]

Story Apps & Games Art

Working as an artist on digital games and digital interactive stories has been some of the best fun I’ve ever had. The highpoints were while working with the Irish software and app company, Marino Software. Most notable projects are the Three Little Pigs story app (also the most fun) which is narrated by Roscoe Orman—yep, Gordon, of Sesame Street—and the IrelandTown Facebook game app for Discover Ireland which has nearly 19 thousand followers. The work also included some simple, but effective animation.

My first foray into this type of work was actually while I was a Web designer at the Dublin digital agency, Fluid Rock. Before they hired me they asked me to create design/illustration concepts for an AIB Banking Kids’ Site. Partly on the strength of that, I was hired full-time. The project—AIB Kids—was terrific fun, and I designed, illustrated and animated everything on the website including its fun games.


I actually began my career in animation, even before I graduated from film school! My first student freelance animation gig was for RTE Television on the opening title for The School Around the Corner. From there I worked in 3 Irish animation studios and then started my own animation and illustration business with my wife to be.